Remote Advising: How to Schedule Appointments

Dear students,

I realize this transition to remote learning has been challenging for many of you.  I hope we can reduce some of these challenges together by making it easier for you to remember how to book appointments for advising.

1. Book an Appointment Via Navigate
Navigate is a relatively new software the Alamo colleges have been using for student to book advising and tutoring appointments.  Please use this option.  This allows Alamo Colleges to keep records of our meetings and pull data that is vital to the school.

Here are the steps to book:
a) Log into Aces
b) Click “Start Here”
c) Click “AlamoNAVIGATE”
d) Click “Login with your school account”
e) (You may have to walk through a survey the first time you book; if so, please walk through it).
f) Click “Appointments” on the left dashboard
g) Click “Schedule an Appointment”
h) Click “Advising”

Once you’ve booked your appointment, here’s the other really important step:

2.  Check Your Email for Confirmation
There will be a Zoom Meeting Link in the confirmation email.  If you can’t find the email on the day and time of your appointment, you can always check the last email you received from me (Cassandra Tamez).  The zoom link is also in my email signature.

Spring 2020 Honors Schedule


The spring 2020 honors schedule is now viewable on our website.  Please navigate to “Honors Schedules and Calendars” and click on Spring 2020.

Keep in mind that in order to register this spring, you will need to complete an honors registration form.  These were emailed out earlier today.  Please print the form and fill it out.  You can return it to Casey’s office box, 122B.  (Remember: You will not have access to the non-honors CRNs until Oct. 28th!)  So please do not turn in your form until you get the spring CRNs on that day.  A few students have already turned in their forms with incorrect CRNs, perhaps from a past spring term.

Forms are due by Nov. 7th at 4 PM if you want to be registered on the morning of Nov. 11th.  Forms can also be picked up from the honors reception desk.  Please ask Sabina, Aries, or Katlyn for a copy.

Join SAC Student Organization for the Honors Academy Program (SOHAP)

Help us get the word out about the great program you’re part of! By joining SOHAP you’ll be sharing how much the Honors Academy has impacted you. You get the chance to build your professional resume, develop leadership skills and participate in organized events around campus. With the title of this club attached to your name,  future employers and universities see what you have to offer. Join SOHAP to get to know your fellow Honors peers, socialize, and grow your inner circle within the program. Become the leader and representative we all know you can be!

To join:
Log into your ACES Account, go to Student, then scroll down to “AlamoEXPERIENCE” on the right hand side of the page. You will then search for “Sac Honors” and click the first one. Sign in and click “Join” to become a member!
Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.48.40 AM
Once you are a member, you will be notified of any group meetings we have in the future and elections we have for officer positions!