Honors New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation season is upon us!

For those of you looking to join the program, you can either apply here or look for us the morning of New Student Orientation.  We are hosting Honors Academy New Student Orientation by pulling out a group of students (we have previously contacted and who have confirmed their attendance with us).

To qualify for our program, students need to be at college level in reading and writing and have roughly an 85 high school GPA.  Not sure if you qualify?  Email ctamez8@alamo.edu and we will get back to you!

Check out our Scavenger Hunt Campus Tour winners from our June 8, 2017 Honors NSO!
NSO June 8 Winners

Financial Aid Appeals

Attention students: are you aware that to remain in good academic standing at San Antonio College, you must 1) maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and 2) be completing 67% of the classes you attempt?  In terms of Financial Aid, you must also 3) not exceed 99 hours.  If you’re not meeting all 3 of these, you could lose your ability to receive Financial Aid.

At this point in the semester, you would have received an email at your student.alamo.edu account letting you know you are not meeting SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress).  If you’ve received such an email, please reach out to the Honors Advisor to file a Financial Aid Appeal!  Remember: appeals must be submitted by June 29th, 2017!

Also, this appeal will not count towards this summer’s classes.  And  remember that appeals are not guaranteed to be approved.  Please ensure that if you are filing an appeal you are also prepared to pay out of pocket so that you aren’t dropped from classes!