Advising Video: November Registration How-To


ISP, Mission Statement, and Haven training completed?


Check out this video to gear up for November’s Early Registration.  Learn how to find CRNs for honors as well as non-honors classes.  Review your ISP to ensure the correct classes are chosen for Spring 2018.

Remember: CRNs + banner ID need to be emailed to by Nov. 10th @ 12 PM.

I will register students who have completed this on Monday, Nov. 13th!

*You will have until Nov. 27th to get me your CRNs–after this day, you will be responsible for your registration.

Advising Video: ISPs, Mission Statements, Haven Hold

In an effort to get advising-specific information out to more of you, I will be sending advising update videos periodically.  This first update is aimed at those of you entering the Honors Academy this fall of 2017.  (I will send a follow up at the beginning of next week regarding the timeline of the registration process).  Please share with your fellow honors classmates!

Advising Update 10-11-17: ISPs, Mission Statements, and Haven Hold

Honors Field Day: The Honors Games

Dear students,

We are excited to be hosting our first-ever Honors Field Day!  The theme will be “The Honors Games,” after the epic Hunger Games trilogy.  There will be a series of field day games where fewer and fewer teams (pairs of students) will “survive,” culminating in a final round that will determine our Honors “Victors”.  Prizes will be awarded to the winning pair of Victors.  The more students that participate, the more epic the battle!  Please RSVP by Monday, October 16th, via the Remind app OR sign the sheet hanging in the Honors Academy if you’d like to participate!  Check out the flyer for additional details!

Honors Games