October Calendar

image_attachmentDear students, please view the Honors October 2017 Calendar.

Please take note that this week Trinity University will be visiting at noon to share transfer admissions info.  I highly encourage you to attend as they are aiming to offer more financial aid to students who are recipients of Pell Grants.  At last year’s presentation, the representative shared that transfer students receiving the Pell Grant could be eligible for enough financial aid in scholarships and grants that the most they would have to take out in loans would be about $7k per year.  Attending this event would be a great way to see if this opportunity is still applicable!

Aside from university visits, you will notice the McNay Field Trip next Thursday on the 12th.  I will send out a Remind text later today—please RSVP to that message if you’d like to attend.  We will meet at the museum at 6:30 PM.

We are very excited about the discussion on immigration that will take place on the 18th, led by Dominic Carrasco, an honors alum!  Dominic will discuss the history of how the republican and democratic parties have handled immigration in the past to better understand the present situation in the U.S.   Join in and share your thoughts!

Regarding the Honors Field Day: this will be an outdoor event that I will send more information about by the end of this week.  A sign-up sheet will be available in the Honors Center for those interested in participating in relay events.  As we approach midterm season, it would be great for as many who can attend to de-stress and compete with your fellow classmates!  Students will be separated into teams and prizes given to the winning team.

Also, Chris and Casandra sent out an evite last week inviting you all to our Murder Mystery Dinner to take place on the 26th.  Please RSVP to them by this Thursday at 5 PM if you’d like to participate!  Faculty, you may reply to this email if you’re interested in participating.  The theme is Murder Mystery High; all participants will be given a character and expected to act and dress accordingly as we all try to solve the mystery!

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