Important Census/Withdrawal Dates

Thinking of dropping a class?

Here are the census dates for the semester:

16 week: 1/31/18

Flex I: 1/23/18

Flex II: 3/26/18

Last days to withdraw for the spring 2018 semester:

16 week: 4/13/18

Flex I: 2/23/18

Flex II: 4/30/18

*Note that drops made before census do not count towards the 6 drops students are allotted during their undergraduate career. 

Week of Welcome “WoW”

WOW Welcome to the Spring 2018 semester!  SAC celebrates this week with a variety of WOW events throughout the campus.  In Honors, we welcome you back with a variety of snacks and treats.  Stop by the Honors Academy on Tuesday, Jan. 16th and Wednesday, Jan. 17th to grab a snack and allow us to welcome you to the Spring 2018 semester in Honors.  We will set up at 9am and leave the food out until it is gone!  I wish you all a wonderful and successful semester!

-Professor Wallis

Payment Deadlines Spring 2018

Attn Students: Below is the table for spring of 2018 payment deadlines.  Note that for 16-week courses, the next drop deadline is TOMORROW, Sunday, Jan 7 (by 1 PM).  Please ensure you do not miss the deadline! If you do, please contact me Monday morning to get added back into your courses:, 210-486-1428.  Please follow this link to learn how to pay for classes online.  To see further info on payment deadlines, click here.

Screenshot 2018-01-06 12.58.06.png

**If you are on a payment plan, the following payment deadlines are Feb. 8 and March 1.