Spring Schedule is Viewable in Aces!

Attn honors students: the spring 2019 schedule is now viewable in Aces!  Please begin looking up your CRNs and see the registration reminders below:

  1. Early registration begins Nov. 12th; CRNs are due Nov. 9th via email: ctamez8@alamo.edu
  2. Check Aces for any holds THIS week to remove by Nov. 9th. High school transcript or Tittle IX holds are common.  Please see Admissions and Records to remove the high school transcript hold and follow these instructions to remove the Title IX: Log in to Aces –> Click Student tab –> Click purple box under AlamoCares.
  3. If you intend to register for BIOL 1406 or 1407  you will need department approval. Please go to the Biol Dept in CAC 345 for approval BEFORE Nov. 9th.
  4. If you are enrolled in a technical program, such as Mortuary Science or ASL, or the Music program, the unit assistant for that program will register you; you will simply email me the CRN for your honors courses.
  5. To find the CRNs for honors classes: please visit sachonors.com –> honors schedules and calendars –>Spring 2019 CRNs; to find classes in Aces: Log in –> Click Student tab –> Web Services –> Student –> Registration –> Look up classes –> Select “Spring 2019 (View only) –> Submit
  6. Remember: all students are subject to the PIN process (pins are administered at the 15, 30, and 45 hour marks); if you make a change to your schedule after registration OR you do not participate in Early Registration, you may need a PIN to register. Contact Casey immediately via Remind to have your PIN texted to you.