Fall 2019 Registration

Dear students,

Fall registration is upon us!  I will be registering all students who send me their CRNs on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Please follow this link to view the fall 2019 Honors Academy course schedule.

Per usual, please take a look at your ISP in Aces (GPS) and search which courses you need this fall.  Please look at the honors schedule above to determine which honors courses you will enroll in and then find your non-honors courses in Aces.  Once you have found ALL your CRNs (both honors and non-honors), please send me an email by THIS Sunday at noon (4/7/19) with your CRNs, the course title, and your banner ID.

For example:

Banner ID: 901809321
ENGL 1301, 14804

CRIJ 1301, 23528

SPCH 1315, 35947

HIST 1301, 33222

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Keep in mind that if you want to participate in early registration you need to enroll in at least one honors course.

Also—if you want to register for BIOL 1406, 1407, CHEM 1411, 1412, you will need to visit or call that department to get department approval for the course.  Please also make sure you have taken all prerequisites needed for the courses you plan to enroll in or I may not be able to register you.