Wintermester + Spring Registration + Financial Aid Appeals

Many of you have been coming in to complete your ISPs and therefore may have heard that the Alamo Colleges offer what’s called a “Wintermester.”  I’ve just received info that we will offer the following online wintermester courses: Wintermester 2019.  I do not have specific start and end dates, but since Wintermester is part of the spring term, you will be able to register at the same time as you will for spring, which will be Nov. 12th.

Spring Registration:
Remember!  As honors students, you receive early registration.  Nov. 12th falls on a Tuesday.  So all CRNs will be due to me by Monday, Nov. 11th at noon At this time, the spring schedule is NOT viewable in Aces.  I will let you know as soon as it is so that you may begin looking up the classes you and I have planned out on your ISP.

If you have not scheduled an appointment to create your ISP, please do so soon either via or with one of the work studies at the front desk.  Remember that ISPs are due by October 31st.

Financial Aid Appeals:
Lastly, if you have received an email or know that you are on financial aid suspension, you are now able to submit a financial aid appeal.  Please book an appointment to do so before October 31st as this is also the deadline to submit them!  Keep in mind that appeals can take up to 7 weeks to process and you will need to ensure you’re able to make your spring payments for classes in the event that the appeal is not processed in time to receive aid or if the appeal is denied.