Refund Dates

Dear students,

Please see below for refund dates for the fall 2018 semester.  Many of you have come in wanting to drop and add classes.  Please realize that you will receive 70% back on tuition through September 14th for 16-week classes.

So, if you’re enrolled in 12 hours and drop a class/classes—then add a Start II or Flex II class that total back to 12 hours—you will be paying 30% difference.  Please check in with the business office before dropping a class to find out specific dollar amounts.  Or, if you’re receiving some form of financial aid (including grants, scholarships or loans), you will check in with the financial aid office to inquire about specific amounts.

Also—please click the following link to familiarize yourself with the Registration Payment Calendar:

Refund Dates


Census Date

Hi students,

Here is a copy of the fall 2018 registration calendar—please see the highlighted sections to determine the census date.  For fall 16-week classes, the census date is September 12th.

Fall 2018 Registration Calendar

Keep in mind that dropped classes after this date will count towards your 6 drops you’re allotted for your undergraduate career.  Drops made before this time will not count against you.  However, if you’re using financial aid to pay for classes, you will want to contact that office to determine how much money you may owe back for dropping the class prior to making that drop.  If you’re not receiving aid, you will want to contact the business office to see what percent of the cost of the class you’ll receive back.

Please follow this link to review additional important information about dropping classes:–aid/paying-for-college/financial-aid/maintaining/

Click here to contact financial aid office.

Access business office info here.

Online Advising Now Available for Honors!

Dear students,

I understand that many times throughout the semester it gets difficult to physically come in for advising sessions.  Many of you work full-time jobs and may be taking several classes, thereby having little to no time to meet with me.  Effective this Fall 2018, (beginning the week of August 27th), I will offer opportunities for those in similar situations to “meet with me” on Tuesday evenings between the hours of 5 and 7 PM via the Zoom app.

You may create a free account at the Zoom website and continue to schedule meetings with me via the link in my email signature as you normally would.  When you schedule your meeting, please indicate that this is an online meeting and I will send you a follow-up link to log on during your scheduled time frame.

Please let me emphasize that this tool is intended for students who are unable to come in for advising during the regular work day.  If you are able to meet with me during normal hours between 8 and 4 PM, Monday through Thursday, please do so to leave this time available for students with heavy schedules.

Have questions?  Email